Programming Painting Robots

Without direct interference of a programmer, each robotic manipulator can be programmed directly by the skilled worker who prepares the equipment for several series of movements that will treat a wide range of parts. The operator can program painting robots only by demonstration of the operation making it fast and effective for non robotics experts. But do not think that the robot is able to replicate only a certain painting operation; in fact, equipped with the appropriate sensors the robot can also identify each piece and coat it by selecting the most appropriate program.

The system is specially suitable for small series where no CAD data is available.

TALUS 6DMimic can be used with every major robot brand, including Motoman, ABB, FANUC and Kuka. Another brands are supported upon request.

6DMimic provides and a fast and intuitive way of programming painting robots.

More than a saving in terms of years of training required, the system will prevent skilled workers from performing repetitive manual tasks that can cause injuries, and minimise situations of contact with environments (paints, solvents) which are harmful to the health of workers. Therefore, the expertise of workers is used without the constraint of reduced physical capacity. All this will increase the productivity of skilled workers, which is another asset of TALUS 6DMimic.

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