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Simple, intuitive, and focus.


  • Programming by demonstration with no robotics language involved.
  • Skilful tasks can be  reproduced by the robot in less than 5 minutes
  • Program painting robots in minutes, no CAD


  • Autonomous transport for production lines.
  • Easy to use and flexible, SME compatible.

Our strenghts


Working with robotics, automation software coating for more than 10 years.


Fast programming for industrial manipulators.

Lean AGV

Autonomous transport for SME’s.



The brain behind our hardware

What we do?


TALUS Robotics focuses on the development of advanced and flexible industrial robotized solutions. The main products offered by the company are: 6D-Mimic a programming system for painting robots and the LeanAGV.  TALUS activity  is driven on a product basis as we aim to provide feature rich packages that can integrate any robotic cells: we want to bring technology, flexibility and superior solutions to old and new systems, and aid our clients to achieve the most advanced systems. TALUS also offers its services for designing new state of the art flexible robotic cells incorporating those solutions.

  • LeanAGV
  • Part recognition
  • 6DMimic
  • HMI Software
  • 6DMimic
  • LeanAGV